Our Process

At Supreme, manufacturing is a passion. This passion has driven us to set up modern manufacturing facilities. All manufacturing from tanning to sewing is done in our own facility.

We have an innovative tannery in Ambur with a production capacity of 7 million square feet of finished leather per annum. Leathers are tanned responsibly in an eco friendly facility that treats effluents and a modern effluent treatment plant ensures zero discharge compliance. We are one of the first few companies in India to set up an Effluent & RO Treatment Plant to treat pollution. The tannery is under Green Tanners Body recycling 75% of the treated water and discharging the remaining into the evaporator systems. Nature is respected so that you get to wear guilt-free fashion and feel proud about it.

The tannery produces leathers for its customers with the support of REACH Certified Chemical companies like Stahl, BASF, Zimmer & Schwartz, Alpa Italy & TFL. The tannery is built with an Italian know-how and is frequently visited by technicians from the chemical industry to bring out innovative leathers for our customers.

Our tannery has recently been accredited with the International Gold Certification by LWG.

We have three factories in Bangalore with modern sewing machines to assist our skilled artisans. Our dedicated production lines ensure flawless execution from start to finish. We are also the first leather garment manufacturing & Export Company to receive ISO 9001 certification for leather finishing and design. The Company also carries the ISO 9001:2015, BSCI & CT Pact certifications.

Manufacturing divisions of Supreme not only cater to thousands of jobs for skilled workforce, but also train unskilled workers, helping create a strong talent pool.